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Lord Byron

Other operas based on works by Lord Byron:

Il corsaro - Giuseppe Verdi

I due Foscari (The two Foscari) - Giuseppe Verdi

Information about the opera I due Foscari by Giuseppe Verdi, and the best recordings available on CD or DVD, or for download.

A dark three-act tragedy set in 15th century Venice, and based on the play 'The Two Foscari' by Lord Byron.

Recommended recordings on DVD

Gavazzeni/Bruson/Cupido (Opus Arte OA LS3007 D)

OA LS3007 D

A fine performance of what is generally considered to be the best of Verdi's early operas.

Milan La Scala Chorus, Milan La Scala Orchestra, conducted by Gianandrea Gavazzeni, 1988.

Cast: Renato Bruson (Francesco Foscari), Alberto Cupido (Jacopa Foscari), Linda Roark-Strummer (Lucrezia Contarini), Luigi Roni (Jacopa Loredano).

Opus Arte OA LS3007 D

Also included in the boxed set:
The La Scala Opera Collection