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Alois Hába (1893-1973)

Information about the composer Alois Hába and his operas.

A Czech composer and one of the creators of a new tonal system based on quarter-tones, fifth-tones, and sixth-tones using specially-constructed instruments.



An opera in the quarter-tone system.

Recommended recordings on CD

Jirous/Spisar/Urbanová (Supraphon 10 8258-2)

10 8258-2

The only recording of this work; definitely not easy listening.

Prague National Theatre Chorus, Prague National Theatre Orchestra, conducted by Jiri Jirous, 1964.

Cast: Oldrich Spisar (Kren), Vlasta Urbanová (Marusa), Marcela Lemariova (Francka).

Supraphon 10 8258-2

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