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Tan Dun (1957-)

Information about the composer Tan Dun and his operas.

A Chinese contemporary classical composer, best known for his Oscar-winning scores for the films "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Hero".


Marco Polo

An opera within an opera based on the interaction of East with West.

Recommended recordings on CD

Dun/Young/Montano (Sony Classical S2K 62912)

S2K 62912

Recorded live at the premiere.

Cappella Amsterdam, Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Tan Dun, 1996.

Cast: Thomas Young (Polo), Alexandra Montano (Marco), Dong-Jian Gong (Kublai Khan), Wolfram Winkel (Water).

Sony Classical S2K 62912

Recommended recordings on DVD

Dun/Workman/Castle (Opus Arte OA 1010 D)

OA 1010 D
OA 1010 D

A stunning production of this demanding opera.

Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, Cappella Amsterdam, conducted by Tan Dun, 2008.

Cast: Charles Workman (Polo), Sarah Castle (Marco).

Opus Arte OA 1010 D