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Ariadne and Theseus

Other operas based on the Greek myth of Ariadne and Theseus.

Ariadne auf Naxos (Ariadne on Naxos) - Richard Strauss

Ariane (Ariadne) - Jules Massenet

Ariane (Ariadne) - Bohuslav Martinu

The Minotaur - Sir Harrison Birtwistle

Information about the opera The Minotaur by Sir Harrison Birtwistle, and the best recordings available on CD or DVD, or for download.


The opera retells the Greek myth in which Ariadne seeks help from the Oracle to enable Theseus to escape from the Minotaur and find a way out of the labyrinth.

Recommended recordings on DVD

Pappano/Tomlinson/Reuter (Opus Arte OA 1000 D)

OA 1000 D
OA 1000 D

An excellently filmed production of this dark, unforgiving opera, from the premiere at Covent Garden in March 2008.

Royal Opera House Covent Garden Chorus, Royal Opera House Covent Garden Orchestra, conducted by Antonio Pappano, 2008.

Cast: John Tomlinson (The Minotaur), Johan Reuter (Theseus), Christine Rice (Ariadne), Andrew Watts (Snake Priestess).

Opus Arte OA 1000 D

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