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Federico Moreno Torroba (1891-1982)

Information about the composer Federico Moreno Torroba and his operas.


Luisa Fernanda

Set in Madrid during the Spanish revolution, the opera tells the story of the clash between Hernando, a Liberal landowner, and Moreno, a Monarchist cavalry colonel, over the love of Luisa Fernanda.

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López-Cobos/Herrera/Cantarero (Opus Arte OA 0969 D)

OA 0969 D

Recorded live at the Teatro Real de Madrid, 2006.

Madrid Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, conducted by Jésus López-Cobos, 2006.

Cast: Nancy Herrera (Luisa Fernanda), Mariola Cantarero (Duchess Carolina), José Bros (Javier Moreno), Plácido Domingo (Vidal Hernando).

Opus Arte OA 0969 D

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